• SANDPIT LP - In Stores Now!

    Today, ladies and gentlemen, one of our personal favourite albums of all time is on display in good Australian record stores. Yes. 1998's 'On Second Thought' LP by Sandpit is one gobsmackingly original slice of art from the Melbourne indie underground, finally available in 180g vinyl.

    Thank you, Sandpit, for this wonderful opportunity - it's a humbling pleasure to be involved. LP available in Australian stores (via MGM distro), mail order via Bandcamp (see below), or digitally All Around the Universe.

    • Published Sep 20, 2013
  • SANDPIT 'On Second Thought' 180g vinyl reissue :: Preorder!

    SANDPIT!!! Hot off the press!!! 

    Pre-order your brand-new deluxe 180g vinyl pressing of Sandpit's incredible indie-rock masterpiece 'On Second Thought'. Be the first to get your mitts on this beautiful wax.

    We at Microphone & Loudspeaker are beside ourselves with joy and humility at being able to release this LP on vinyl for the first time. It's an important and hugely influential document in the annals of indie-rock excellence, not just in Australia but worldwide. Highly original, devastatingly honest, breathtakingly brilliant...and waaaaay ahead of their time.

    This will be hitting the shelves of good record stores everywhere within a few weeks, and earlier by PREORDER if you ain't terribly good at waiting.


    • Published Sep 13, 2013