Pinch Hitter
Pinch Hitter

zzzounds (2007 - )
Since 2007 zzzounds (then zounds) has been outlet for various solo recording projects for Dave Drayton. Emerging with a now out of print five track EP on Lesstalk Records and with a rotating band of up to seven members the name has grown longer and the band shorter. Raw recordings appear with persistent infrequency and little fanfare online.
zzzounds on Bandcamp

Euripides Berserker (2006-2008)
Euripides Berserker was Matt ‘Mario’ Samperi, Ben Cole and Dave Drayton. At various stages and on various songs they played drums, keyboards, guitar and bass. Formed in high school the band had no idea what they were doing, or why, but continued to do so for three-odd years making quirky, angry, off-centre pop and punk.
Their first release was a four-track demo/EP limited to 105 or so copies, packaged in hand-sown and stencilled calico bags in 2007. In 2008 the band released the 'Blue' EP, a collection of earlier demos recorded when the band were still a two-piece, rarities and pre-production tracks for what was to be their next EP, which sadly never came to light. A best of collection comprising of every song ever written by the band was released by Tenzenmen Records in 2012. For all the naivety, Euripides Berserker were nothing if not forward, and honest, at times painfully so. 
Euripides Berserker on Bandcamp (Tenzenmen) 

Milhouse (2010-2013)
Milhouse was the miraculous results of setting minutiae to melody. Featuring Thom Elder on songwriting duties with Chris Costin on drums and Dave Drayton on bass, Milhouse wrote songs examining most daily meals, most household chores, and most possible routes for crippling house-bound introspection. Milhouse made a case for moderately mathy pop and brevity. They released two EPs, 'Everything’s Coming Up' and the problematically titled 'Thrillhouse'; a split 7” with Brisbane’s Headaches; and a 12” live record of their performance at the 2012 Poison City Weekender through Midnight Funeral Records.
Milhouse on Bandcamp

Between The Devil & The Deep (2006-2012)
Attempted anti-capitalist post hardcore fuckstains. A roster including Jay Gleeson, Tim George, Mat Hermanns, Damien Elliot, Tom Alexander, that eventually adopted Dave in 2009 in time to spend three years writing, recording, and releasing their lone LP, 'Paper Spine' (2011).
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