Charge Group

    INPRESS | March 2012
    "An album of innate beauty, soaring sonics and elegant of the true contenders of best Australian release of 2012."

    THE BRAG | June 2012
    "Sitting somewhere between Fugazi, Sonic Youth and running through the forest naked wearing a hat made of banana leaves, Sydney’s Charge Group had the record everyone should have been listening to in early 2012 while they were still going nutballs over Royal Headache."

    "Charge Group have a pulsing humanity. They wage a raging battle between anger and beauty. They are dynamic, serene and imperative. They are Australia's best kept secret."

    THE VINE | March 2012
    "A mastery of craft."

    TIME OFF | August 2009
    "Charge Group's triumph is their ability to marry moments of unbridled beauty with complete sonic chaos at a level scarcely matched in this country."

    POA | March 2012
    "An album that sounds fresh and unapologetically ambitious, constantly changing directions under the solitary guidance of passionate authenticity. This album is the product of creative restlessness, more than bored venturing, and a natural sideways exploration from one of this country's finest bands."

    THE BRAG | Live review, June 2012
    "Rolling Stone once said of Purplene (the precursor to Charge Group) that they were a band “in love with the art of crafting the perfect song.” Since Purplene’s demise in 2005, Charge Group have ably continued that pursuit through intricately paced sonic adventures. In a live setting, they have the ability to both strike an audience dumb and lift them to fist-pumping heights, with tracks like the set’s bookends of ‘The Gold Is Gone’ and ‘Broken Sunlight’ eliciting shell-shocked sing-alongs. When they dip into their instrumentals, like in the epic journey of ‘Search Party’ or the chase-themed ‘Run,’ it affects people almost primally, with the front row hypnotised in a blank-faced struggle. Charge Group writhed through their set with that almost telepathic tightness that comes from years playing together. As they left the stage, you were left with a sense that this is a band far too much of Australia has heard far too little of."